The Alien described within this article is from the movie “Alien”. A Facehugger Alien is one of the many stages an Alien will go through before maturing into the adult form. An Alien begins its life within an egg. The egg is deposited under a protective layer of fog. A Queen Alien can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. The eggs stay dormant until the layer of mist is broken by a unsuspecting host. The fog acts like the spider’s web, awakening the embryo.

The egg opens from the top, allowing the air to fully awaken the Alien. The shell of the egg is made from a very hard substance. It is very thick and can only be destroyed through explosives, bullets or other fast moving projectiles. It is impossible to destroy the egg with the bare hand.

The curiosity of the host, is its downfall. The egg is hatched with the Alien placed at the base of the egg, in a recoiled state. When the host looks into the egg from the top, that is when the attack begins. The Alien will spring out of the egg and attach itself to the face of the host. It does this by wrapping its eight finger like legs around the face of the victim. It can also use this appendages to run, jump and navigate rather quickly.

Once attached to the victim’s face, it is impossible to pull off. The legs lock around the host and make it impossible to pull the Alien off. Any attempt to pull on the Alien will result in a tighter more deadly grip around the host. The Facehugger Alien has one single design and that is to stay alive long enough to implant a embryo into the stomach of the host.

First the Facehugger will strangle the host to render it unconscious. Once the host is out, it penetrates the mouth opening and slide an elongated appendage from its head deep into the stomach area. The appendage severs two purposes. The first purpose is to supply the host with oxygen. The second purpose is to implant an embryo through the mouth and into the stomach.

Trying to cut the Alien away from the host, creates a more dangerous situation. When an the skin is cut, it immediately begins to bleed. The blood from the Alien is not only toxic, buy acidic. It will burn through all metals, skin and anything else that gets into the path of the blood.

The Facehugger will detach from its host, once the embryo is ready to hatch. The life expectancy of a Facehugger is rather short. It only lives long enough to find a host and ensure maturity of the embryo. Once that happens it will fall from its host and die. It has served it purpose.

Upon wakening the host will feel extremely hungry. There are little signs of the host. Within a few hours to a day, the alien within the host will burst from the stomach killing the host and releasing the alien into its new environment. Within a short period of time the Alien will reach maturity. Aliens mature at an excellerated rate. Under normal conditions, an Alien can mature in a matter of days.

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