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All it takes is one of these scary alien costumes to make your Halloween extra scary
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Aliens are beings that do not exist on this planet. They are intelligent creatures that come to use from light years away. Science fiction has often portrayed aliens as hostile and aggressive towards humans. Other times they are sent to earth to warn us about the end of the world. Yet whether they come to earth as good or bad beings, they raise a bit of uncertainty and fear. it is the fear of the unknown.

Aliens are known to have a higher level of intelligence than humans. They can mold and shape the elements. They defy physics as we know them. They can travel in spacecrafts at speeds beyond comprehension. Most think that aliens have been watching us since the beginning of humans on this earth. Others think aliens are just a government conspiracy to cover up top secret work.

This is why aliens make the best costumes. One never knows whether they are talking to a person under that mask, or a real alien!

Alien Deluxe Adult Mask
Everyone knows about the movie Alien. It is about a space crew who come upon a desolate planet. What they find there starts a terrifying adventure through space. This movie was shocking and terrifying at the time it was released in 1979. It is still a movie that should not be missed. Keep in mind that some scenes are not appropriate for children.

Alien vs.Predator Deluxe Predalien Overhead Latex Mask
Another great alien movie is Alien vs. Predator. This is a must watch Halloween movie. Predators and Aliens have often battled throughout history. Aliens are a worthy combat opponent. To test their manhood, Predators are sent to fight aliens in a “do or die” scenario. Yet the Predators were not counting on having humans intervene in their combat rituals. This movie has a lot of scary scenes and action. With any Alien movie, there is lots of blood and scenes that are not appropriate for children.

You can find costumes of alien creatures right here on this website. Above are tabs that contain costumes for either adults or for children. While you are there, also take a look at our other Alien topics. You may find something that peeks your interest.

Aliens have been part of our beliefs for quite some time. Aliens sightings and abductions whether true of fantasy will continue to make headlines, frighten us and make some of us worry for the future. They are embedded in our movies, literature and news reports. Only the future can tell us if Aliens are real or purely fiction.

The more we listen and search the universe with our telescopes , the better informed we will become. One day the old question from our past, “Are we truly alone” may one day be answered. It was on August 15th, 1977 that an intelligent sound lasting two and a half minutes was heard by the SETI crew. It was louder than anything ever recorded from space. Only something human or of intelligence could have broadcast something like this through space. To this day it is the only real evidence that there may be life beyond our solar system.